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What Is A Franchise?

A franchise is a licence to operate a complete turnkey business.... think McDonlads, Dominos Pizza, Chips Away.

UK Facts and Figures (2015 BFA  & Nat West Bank Report)

900 different franchise opportunities to  choose from

44,000 operational franchises

621,000 people are employed by franchises

£15.1bn contribution to the UK economy

10% sector growth since 2013

97% making a profit within two years

>50% turning over more than £250,000

1% failure rate.

90% franchisee satisfaction score.

Impressive Figures, But Are There Other Benefits?

There are indeed many benefits to buying a franchise some of these are;


A recognised brand (increase customer awareness and trust)

Tried and tested business models  (increase likelihood of success)

On going training and assistance (no experience required, all necessary training included)

On going support from experienced business owners

On going marketing and head office support functions (less time required on admin and marketing functions) 

Easier access to finance and bank loans (due to the success rates of franchises banks are more likely to provide finance)

Ability to resell a successful franchise for a profit (successful franchises have a ready made resales market)

Turnkey set up, without all the headaches of starting a business from scratch; branding, web sites, marketing, legal.. etc. 


OK I'm Interested, How Can You Help Me?
Starting any business is a risk, one which many people go into without fully assessing all the options, potential pitfalls and without sufficient business plans. Buying a franchise is no different, and in fact with so many options to chose from finding one that is right for you after considering all of the above and putting together the necessary plans can make it more challenging.

With over 20 years business experience I can help you understand the franchise market, the pros and cons, figure out if it is right for you, help you pick the franchise that is best for you, and of course help with your business plans, best company structure, even funding options. 


OK How Much?......FREE! (no catch)

That's correct, there's no charge for helping you choose a franchise, and why? well, that's because if you start a franchise, just like any other business you will still need support with accounts, book-keeping, payroll and many other admin functions your

Franchisor can't provide, but I can and if I've helped you become a franchisee I'd like to help you make it a success. Of course there's no obligation and you are free to choose whoever you wish to help you, but then I'm an optimist.


If you want to know more about franchising give me a call or send me an e-mail, what have you to lose?

Andy Green

0845 177 1360

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