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“Bookkeeping and tax used to be a non value adding chore for me until I met Ash Business Consultants. They took the whole process off my hands, allowing me to spend more time on client work and business development, whilst they ensure I keep more of my profits in the business. It is a win win situation” Chris Blackhurst, Digital Media and Brand Consultant.

"Starting my own business was a daunting prospect, but after talking with Ash Business Consultants and with their guidance I
took the plunge and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. With Ash Business Consultants continued support we continue to grow worry free"
Stuart Sams, White Cloud IT Limited.


“Ash Business Consultants helped steer me through the stress of a bankruptcy and have subsequently provided great support in rebuilding my business. They were on my side from day one and gave me clear advice that I couldn't find anywhere else, I can't recommend them highly enough” Martin, Freelance Graphic Artist.

"When I came to Andy I'd never run a business before, all I knew was that I wanted to put on events and raise money for charity, which is what I am good at. I had no desire to fill out endless tax forms, quite frankly it's another language and causes me to lose the will to live.  Ash Business Consultants do all this for me and I enjoy doing what I do best worry free, it's a knock out combination" Kirsty Dunning Williams, Cheshire White Collar Boxing Limited.


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